Household Robots

I found a really fascinating video the other day regarding Household Robots of the Future. The film, titled "Future Smarthome Technology" was made in 1962 and predicted all sorts of household chores you would be able to control remotely, by telephone. In the future. Here it is:

Well, guess what? You can do every single one of those predicted household functions with today's technology! It is mainly done via communication between your Smartphone and household "robots" or hubs, called Smart Speakers.

And even more unbelievably, you can pick one of these home hub devices for only $50! 

We show you how easy it is to design your own Smart Home, not in the future, but today. First you create a wireless home network (it's easy). Then set up one of those small but powerful Smart Speakers (by Amazon or Google) in your home.

Household Robots
Smart Speaker Hubs

Amazon Alexa DotThis is the Alexa Dot

We actually have such a Smart Home network set up and thriving in our house! There are so very many things you can do with them. A household "hub" robot today can perform the following chores, hands-free:

  • Answer questions and fetch general information for you
  • Make phone calls or send text messages by voice command only
  • Stream music, news, weather, sports, TV shows and video movies to your home
  • Alert you of timers, important events or warnings
  • Organize your appointment calendar, shopping list and notes
  • Entertain your guests with trivia questions and funny jokes
  • Control lights, fans, TVs, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, door locks, and more, all by voice; and many can be operated remotely, by smartphone.
  • Control a robotic floor cleaner
  • Support awesome smart refrigerators and smart beds.

Smart, smart, smart! And they are!

Visit this page to find out how we painlessly created our own Smart Home.

And watch our short videos showing the Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini in action in our home.

Household Robots
A Peek at the Future

Now for a look at what household robotics has in store for us in the future:

We are not very far from this scenario; the technology actually exists today to create this home robot. He's just not on the market yet. He needs some refinements and is waiting for further technological advances, such as further component miniaturization, in order to make production economically feasible.

Household robots of the futureIsn't he cute?

But we predict that within the next 10 years, you will probably have one of these guys at your place. (That is, if you are gadgeteers like us. :)

In the meantime, check out our Smart Home Hub Speakers to see what we have cooking today:

Google Home Mini at work.
Alexa Echo Dot doing her thing. 

Household Robots
Where to next?

iRobot Roomba 650

Take a breather from all this high-tech stuff and learn all the tips and tricks for keeping your house clean and tidy with much less work. Don't miss it! 

Smart Home Ideas: Setting Up the Google Mini or Alexa Dot hub

 This mopping robot works great!

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