Best Gaming Laptop

Laptops make great gaming devices with the right hardware.Laptops make great gaming devices with the right hardware.

Considering a laptop for your mobile gaming needs?

Explore the pros and cons below and make the right buying decision with our impartial recommendations. 

Best Gaming Laptop
What is a Laptop?

Laptops open to expose a keyboard and screen.

Think of a laptop as a lightweight, portable version of your desktop PC (tower & monitor). If you install all the crucial software and files from your desktop onto your laptop, you can continue with your computing chores away from home by simply picking up your laptop on the way out the door. 

In fact, for many folks, laptops have become their primary computing device; instead of a desktop. 

Laptops in general share the following characteristics:

  • Usually a "clamshell" configuration, which you open up to reveal:
    a Physical keyboard (a must for any extensive word processing chores), and
    a Screen- touchscreen or non; usually 13"-17"
  • Large storage capacity (gets bigger and better every year)
  • DVD/CD drive- for installing software, loading movies
  • Versatility- Multiple USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD memory card slots

Best Gaming Laptop
Laptop vs. Desktop for Gaming

If you're a hard-core gamer always seeking out the latest "cutting-edge" games, you just can't beat the desktop PC. Your desktop can hold more and larger hardware and peripherals than any laptop.

Read more about Desktop Gaming Computers here. 

But if you're looking for a compromise between size/portability and general computer use plus gaming potential, a Gaming Laptop might be just the ticket. If so, read on.

Best Gaming Laptop
Laptop vs. Tablet for Gaming

Tablets have become wildly popular for mobile computing due to their super-compact size and light weight. But tablets do not have the memory, versatility and processing power of a laptop. This makes them very limited as computing devices. 

The advantages of a laptop over tablet for gaming include:

  • Physical keyboard (more versatile for gaming purposes)
  • Much more storage: 300GB+ compared to 64GB or less for tablets
  • DVD drive: Some games still load via disc; tablets have no DVD drive
  • More room for higher-end graphics and a more powerful processor

Read our recommendations below to pick out the best gaming laptop for your needs.

BUT if all you do is casual web surfing, check emails on the road, watch movies while traveling or engage in "lightweight" gaming, then you might be better off with a Tablet.

Read more about Gaming Tablets here.

Best Gaming Laptop 
Minimum Hardware Requirements

We recommend the following gear for gaming on a laptop:

  • Processor (CPU): Quad-core i5 or better; get i7 if you're interested in VR games 

  • Graphics: (GPU or Graphics Processing Unit): (The most important factor for gaming)
    *Minimum Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 or GTX 1660; get RTX 2060 or RTX 2070 for best performance.

  • VRAM (Video Random Access Memory): Minimum 4GB of VRAM

  • RAM (Computer Random Access Memory): at least 8gb RAM; try to get 16gb, but this can be upgraded later.

  • Drive (HDD or SSD): Go for "SSD" for faster game loading.

  • Screen Resolution: Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p minimum; get 2560 x 1440p if you have an upgrade laptop)

  • Screen size: 15" is the optimal size for gaming, a good compromise between portability (weight) and decent visuals.

  • Cost: You will need a "beefed up" laptop, so expect to spend $800- $1,250 for an entry-level gaming laptop.

Best Gaming Laptops

Below you will find a short list of "favorite gaming laptops". Not only do they have the muscle necessary for first-class gaming, they are impressive, feature-rich laptop computers for general mobile computing purposes.

You won't be disappointed with any of these fine laptops! Amazon affiliate links at no added cost.

Would you rather play on a dedicated Gaming Console?

Picking the best desktop computer for gaming. 

Discover the best tablets for gaming.

Love gaming? Take it with you on your smartphone. 

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