Tool Rentals
Rent or Buy It?

Rent a tile cutter or buy it?

So you've got a big DIY home improvement project looming! That's great!

But you're wondering; should we buy or rent that tile cutter?

You'll make the right decision if you just sit down and do a little homework first. Ask yourselves these questions as you plan your major renovation:

1. How long will you need the tool?

Renting makes sense if you can complete what you need to do in 1/2 to 2 days. Those rental charges add up the longer you need to keep the tool. So add it all up; is it almost as cheap to buy the tool outright; or much cheaper to rent it? There's your sign.

2. Do you see yourself using the tool fairly often after your project is done, or will you not use it again for a year or longer? Renting might be smarter in that case.

Professional paint sprayer makes dripless finish

3. Do you have room to store the tool properly when the job is done? If dry storage space is tight, it doesn't make sense to buy a large power tool with no place to put it.

4. Do you need a professional grade, heavy-duty tool, like a wet saw that will cut marble or a paint sprayer for professional looking (dripless) doors and shutters? Then rent the Mac Daddy.

Sometimes renting a tool allows you to test new tools and see if they are right for your needs. In that situation, trying before buying (renting) is smart before laying out a major amount for a new tool.

Another option is to buy the tool, use it as long as you need to, then sell it used on Craigslist or in local want ads. You might come out ahead using this great strategy.

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Tool Rentals

2-man gas-powered auger

Experts agree that in MOST cases (not all) it makes more sense to rent these tools than to buy them:

  • Power Auger (for digging fence post holes quickly)
  • Wet Tile Saw (the ones you buy for $50 are very limited in what they can cut)
  • Rotary hammer drill for drilling into concrete
  • Diamond tipped saw blades for cutting concrete, masonry
  • Garden tiller (only till once a year?)
  • Paint sprayer
  • Carpet shampooer
  • Steam cleaner
  • Nail gun
  • Chain saw
  • Firewood splitter (you may want to purchase if you cut your own firewood each year). 

Where to Rent Tools

Home Depot Tool Rental Center

Where to rent tools:

  • Google "tool rentals" in your location, zip code 
  • The Home Depot’s Tool Rental Center 
  • Lowe's Tool Rental Services

High-tech and accurate: laser measuring tool

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