Fake Gift Boxes

Now these are funny!

They are sold as empty boxes... printed with a gag gift on the outside of the box. You can put their real gift inside (or just leave it empty), but I would at least put a note inside which explains the box is fake, and it's all a joke. Also makes a great package in which to give a gift certificate or gift card.

At first I was going to save this page for our "Art of Gifting" page (coming soon), but I got to laughing at these the more I found, and decided to go on and share them with you...  enjoy... and keep smiling!

In order to see all the sides of each box (some of the funniest stuff is on the other panels), click on the Amazon affiliate links.


For The Techie-Nerd

Kids & Babies

For Pet Lovers

Fake gift boxes not appropriate? Check this page for some Fun Gadget Gifts.  

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